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About us

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza is a uniquely Japanese combination of a capsule hotel and sauna/bath house, updated with modern designs and functionality. Designed for men, the hotel offers an experience of pure relaxation.

Good night sleep

  • You can choose from two mattress options (soft or firm). All mattresses are high-quality and produced by Kyoto-based bedding manufacturer Daitou Shingu Kogyo.
  • Each capsule (2065 x 1050mm) comes with a Tempur pillow.
  • Equipped with a 19 inch flat screen TV featuring video on demand (VOD) services, priced 500 JPY per night.

24-hour sauna/bath

  • The sauna/bath is available 24-hours everyday (closed for cleansing between 9:20-10:40am).
  • Consists of 2 saunas and various baths, including one open-air bath on the rooftop.
  • Steam (löyly) will be produced by staff on a regular basis.
  • Use the sauna/bath to recovery after a long day.

Other highlights

Free amenities
We offer a complete range of amenities, such as towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaver, toothbrush and more, so guests can visit empty-handed.

Locker room
In the locker room, you will find a set of room/lounge wear. Please make sure to wear them when using the saunas and indoor/outdoor baths.

Massage treatments
We offer a wide range of massage treatments from shiatsu massage to lymphatitic oil massage, foot massage and Korean-style body scrubbing. 

Breakfast buffet
All you can eat breakfast buffet is available for free every morning during your stay. Menus are based around Kyoto cuisine and consists of around 50 dishes.

24-hour restaurant
From beer to Japanese teishoku (set meals), the 24-hour restaurant offers a wide variation of foods and drinks for guests. 
*Closed for cleaning between 10-11am

Relaxing room
The shared relaxing room features TV screens, recliner chairs and a library filled with Japanese comic books. Guests are welcome to rest, read and take a nap.