Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza is also popular for its massage treatments, recommended after a sauna/bath session. Multiple treatments are available from affordable prices.

Opening hours: 9am-4am (last entry 3:50am)

Massage menu

Foot Massage

By stimulating the acupressure points on the feet, the treatment aims to help improve blood circulation, stomach digestive system problems and recover from tiredness.

Opening hours: 9am-3:50am (next morning)
2,200 JPY (20 min)
3,200 JPY (30 min)
4,400 JPY (40 min)
5,400 JPY (50 min)
6,400 JPY (60 min)

Shiatsu Massage & Body Massage

The most popular massage treatment at Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza. Helps relax the mind/body and effectively treats fatigue, as well as many other conditions. Also recommended for first time visitors.

Opening hours: 9am-3:50am (next morning)
4,100 JPY (50 min)
5,700 JPY (70 min)
8,200 JPY (100 min)
9,800 JPY (120 min)

Lymphatitic Oil Massage

The treatment helps improve your blood circulation by using oil and lymphatic drainage massage techniques. Its also works to stretch the muscles and relax the whole body.

Opening hours: 10am-3:50am (next morning)
Body 6,500 JPY (60 min)
Facial & Body 8,000 (90 min)
Head & Body 8,800 JPY (90 min)
Organic oil treatment 12,300 JPY (120 min)

Thai Style Massage

Our method is based on a fusion of yoga, Chinese meridian massage and Japanese shiatsu.

 Opening hours: 10am-3:50am (next morning)
5,100 JPY (60 min)
7,700 JPY (90 min)
12,300 JPY (120 min)

Face & Head Massage

Gently massages the head, scalp and facial acuppresure points to treat headaches, shoulder pain and eye strains.

Opening hours: 10am-7.30pm
4,800 JPY (50min)
4,800 JPY (50min) + 1,000 JPY for optional Jojoba Oil treatment

Korean Style Body Scrubbing

Helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to reveal a smoother skin surface. The treatment also includes massage and shampoo.

Opening hours: 12noon-11pm
3,800 JPY (30 min)
6,500 JPY (45 min)
8,600 JPY (60 min)